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7 Family Altars That Break Generational Curses E-Book

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Generational Curses Are Real

Generational curses are demonic infrastructures that have setup up by Satan and his demons becauset hey were given legal spiritual authority to destroy the lives of people and families. Their mission is usually manifested in one of three ways, this is based on John 10:10, "The thief [Satan] comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."


To Steal - Satan's first agenda, based on the word of God is to steal your dreams, destiny, and purpose. He wants to rob you and your family of that God destined for you to have.


To Kill - Once Satan and his demons have been successful stealing what God destined for you, they'll move to the next step which is to kill you. This is not only a physical death but a spiritual one as well.


To Destroy - If demons can't kill you, they'll make sure to destro your life and family. They do this by placing limitations that no one in your family or bloodline can break. This is one of the main reason why some families struggle with the same issues (poverty, relationships, addiction, health, etc).


Because this is a spiritual battle and not a physical one, the only way to break them is to turn to the word of God and legally take back what's yours.


This books shows you 7 altars that every family need to set in order to break those curses. Regardless of what curses your family is struggling with, or for how long they've been struggling with is, you can break them once and for all.


In 7 days and with prayer and fasting, you can change the destiny of your family and reclaim everything you've lost. God has given you the authory and power to trample over the every evil and demonic plot against your family.


God has assigned you to be curse breaker in your family. The angels of the Lord are waiting for you to give them their marching orders to destroy and break general curses once and for all.

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