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Mathew Tamin is a disciple of Jesus Christ and also a very successful entrepreneur. He's not ashamed to let people know that the most important relationship in his life is his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.At the age of 16, Mathew graduate from high school and started college (Kean University). While in high school, he was told by his guidance counselor that he won't get accepted in a university. However, not only was he accepted at one of New Jersey's top universities, but during his first semester, he had a 4.0 GPA. When he went back to his old high school to see his guidance counselor, he found out that she was fired.

At the age of 15, Mathew started writing his first book (Becoming a Vessel For God's Glory) which was later published after graduating college at 20 with two degrees (Psychology & Music). He toured with the university's concert choir across the U.S and Canada and was also one of the lead pianist for their Jazz band.

In 2007, after teaching himself how to code, he launched his first company (Tamin Web Host). His company helped hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs from all over the world to host and create their websites.

In 2014, after successfully creating professional websites for business of all sizes from all over the world, he started teaching non coders how to create website with Joomla. As of today, his Joomla courses have been taken by thousands of people from 150+ countries.

Today, Mathew is one of the most sought after Joomla web designers, consultants, and instructors. His ability to to teach non coders how to create and market their own website, makes him the go to guy.

When he's is not creating websites, teaching piano, or working on a film, Mathew enjoys spending time with his wife Julie-ann of 11 years and their 4 amazing children (Josie-ann, Josiah, Joshua and Jeffrey). He also enjoys traveling, volunteering with the youths, fishing, playing games.

‘’When you look in mirror, you're looking at your greatest supporter (Success) and greatest opposition (Failure). The one you listen to the most, will determine the person you become and shape your destiny. Choose wisely, my friend!’’

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